There are different ways of studying with Ganagagni. You can start by visualizing your yougaube ganagagni channel, and do what you put in their free videos and work on you or you can attend their classes or seminars online or in person.

You can do it simply as a student or become a disciple, which implies that your conscience will affect you and help in your process but finally the work must be done by you. Ganagagni does not save anyone. Even as a disciple you will continue to be totally free. If you want to be a disciple you must write to receive instructions. (It does not imply economic charge or any type of obligation).

Nobody has power over others and Ganagagni is decisive and clear in the freedom and autonomy of all beings. There are no belongings to groups, sects or gurus. Ganagagni and his wisdom is only a tool, use it while it is useful and leave it when it no longer serves you. Just remember that you are your own teacher, who directs where you are going and with whom you share it.

Choose how you want to start, different courses:

1.- the branch of healing with the face-to-face courses:

-As the conscience of the healer

– Sleep fully: heal your insomnia, anxiety

– Heal your body, love it. Know the information that the disease and your body gives us.

-Tibetan energy

– Connect with Jesus.

– Danvantari: healing in the body

-Atma bhujan …

2.- Learning kinesiology with international qualifications for it visit

3.- Spirituality and personal growth with the basic teachings following their free videos and publications. Or attending his courses based on his experience of love, joy and truth, and based on his studies of the essence of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Kabbalah. These are online or in person, some courses are:

– Forgiveness and liberation from karma:

– Open your heart, heal it

– Manage your wishes: KamaChakra process

– Ganesh mantras process

– Increase your value and leave your comfort zone.

– The 5 elements of creation

– Embrace nature: process of the nagas

– Kuji In

– Experimental Kabalah and Tarot

– Buddha Yoga

– Ati Yoga

-Dharanis …