If you like the teachings that Ganagagni teaches and you want her to go to your city, you need to know that:
Ganagagni is not a business woman nor a salable product so inviting her to your city is an act of devotion, to expand these teachings, where The organizer will not receive any economic benefit.
The organizer is committed to helping the organization by looking for a space for the events as well as the administrative and logistical part during the event (collect data, prepare the room, collect the donations …) and help in the dissemination (Ganagagni performs the flyers).
Ganagagni doesn´t require a guaranteed salary, just to cover her expenses for plane travel, meals and hotel (Ganagagni is NOT staying in anyone’s house or in any center, exclusively hotel).
From the first money collected during the events, the organizer will be reimbursed for the previous travel expenses.

Request it 1 year in advance.