Physiotherapist, Trainer of trainers, Osteopath CO, Expert in muscle chains GDS, in myofascial techniques, myofascial pain and dry needling, Master Degree in Psychoenergetic Kinesiology by the RCU and Reiki Master Mahaananda.

Acharya, (Teacher) ordained in the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition, following the teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Kabbalah, and I have more than 25 years studying and working with the health of the human being.

Soul name:

Of social name Asun Esteve, GanagAgni is my soul name. To be able to pronounce it better one of the «g» is omitted and with the «a» an elision is made leaving GanAgni. The soul has no name, a spiritual master gives it to you in an attempt to put into words the experience of that soul in this world.

Gana comes from the Hindu God Ganesh, who removes the obstacles, and Agni, the Hindu God of Fire, who transmutes and elevates the natural planes to the Spiritual. My soul name, Ganagagni, has 3 G, G is the letter of the Expansion, the shepherd that guides and cares, being three times, affects the three worlds: the divine, the spiritual and the human. Since childhood, people always consulted my opinion to be able to advance their problems or situations.


I grew up in a rural environment where I felt as a child that God is Love and Mistress; that there were no bad and good emotions, that we had the right to express, to live them all and to love ourselves in the process.

My maternal grandmother was a healer and she put me in contact with the Virgin Mary; whereas my parents, loving and virtuous, were the first to teach me to be severe in virtue and to try to be a good person.

I felt a connection with Jesus, with his teachings. He always had one of his phrases inside me: «Others will come bigger than me and by their actions you will know them».

This made that before priests or spiritual teachers, my confidence depended on seeing if their acts were virtuous or compassionate or not.

Since my early childhood it has been easy for me to share and take care of others, I liked it, so there were always people who wanted to massage her or put her hands to heal. In fact, once my teacher made me see that I was able to give my life for humanity and that I was not included in that totality. With this, my learning was that to the extent that you love yourself, you love your neighbor; You need to be included in the whole.

From the age of 7, my dream was to go to University.

And study the scientific part. It was hard, but I got it.

Since I started going to school, I felt different from the rest because I was taller and fatter than all my classmates, I was even bigger than my teacher at school. So every day he received insults and rejection for being different. So much so, that the priest … of the parish made me do the catechism with 6 years because I was taller than the children with 8. I felt different, I was so embarrassed that I was stuttering.

I constantly rejected myself for what I was like and I was looking for a way to be loved. So I found it, I found a way to be smart and to teach others how I understood things.

Putting my intelligence at the service of all helped me to survive, to have the attention and love of my companions.

The beginning was to study the most physical part, that’s why I graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia, when nobody knew that career.

Once this was done, I realized that this was limited, that the human body was more, that it seemed like a marvel of creation and that I wanted to understand how it worked, how it was possible to get sick and how it could be effective in healing.

So wanting to understand the functioning, body alchemy, in 9 years I studied what normally takes twice:

6 years of Osteopathy,

1 year of Myofascial,

1 year of Dry Puncture,

4 years of Muscle Chains GDS,

6 years of Kinesiology

When I discovered Kinesiology, more than 15 years ago, in Spain it was very rare to talk about emotions, energy and the Soul. I was able to understand and discover how stress and belief blocks also affect us physically. I felt in my heart the impulse to want to share it, because if everyone could handle their physical, emotional and mental stress the world would be better. This made that, at 30 years old, she was already a therapist.

Kinesiology helped me to liberate structures and to understand myself, I learned to see Unity and the relationship between the physical, vital, emotional and mental plane in the human being.

Thanks to the great experience gained, since my intention was to reach the whole world, my youthful and crazy idea was to work from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 in the morning to 11 at night. This made it possible for 20 years of work in health to give more than 90,000 sessions. Giving me a great experience in healing.

I felt there was something missing in the equation and it was through a Reiki initiation that I felt the awakening of my soul; and a need to understand.

It was at that moment that my spiritual master Maha Vajra appeared, and I observed his compassionate and virtuous acts. I started to follow and study the teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Kabbalah and esoteric knowledge.

Nothing religious, but what is common, the essence that is experienced.

This spiritual practice reaffirmed everything that I felt as a child, everything was real: Everything is Love, God in its form, both the flower and the trash. That there was nothing wrong with us, that we are innocent children learning to remember who we are, that we have the right to live everything. That in this life things happen and that learning to embrace is learning to accept in humility and simplicity.

Thanks to this I learned to love my physique, I started to heal both the rejection and the shame, I began to feel that love for me and for the world. And I felt the need to share it with all beings, so that they can experience the healing and openness of the heart in their lives.

Every time I teach classes, I share with everyone who attends my conferences and seminars how I experience love, what I feel and know about healing, personal growth and spirituality.

I feel so fortunate to observe how that interaction inspires, helps to love, and transforms.